Ballet is a beautiful art form, breathtaking to watch and wonderful to perform. Children are drawn to the ballet class because of the magic and excitement it portrays. They then find that it also opens up a whole new world of physical and creative activity that gives hours of enjoyment.

The Kinsella School of Ballet was founded in 2005 with studios in Portmarnock, Malahide and Swords. Our ballet school is not only a place to learn to dance but a centre where fitness, creativity and confidence are nurtured and developed in every student.  Ballet not only trains the body to be graceful and strong but encourages emotional and social development with a strong sense of discipline.

All of the students follow the RAD syllabus which includes Classical Ballet, Free Movement and Character Dance from Hungary, Ukraine and Poland.

All of our teachers have not only fully qualified with the Royal Academy of Dance, London but also hold University degrees with skills including Communications, Psychology and Film Production.  We aim to bring out the best in all of our students and make their experience of ballet both educational and rewarding.