Our youngest ballerinas are 3 years of age and attend Pre-School Ballet. This class is a gentle introduction to dance concentrating on co-ordination, musicality and expression. Through imagery and the use of stories the children learn how to express themselves to music while basic stretching and co-ordination exercises improve their motor skills.

Pre-Primary, Primary & Grade 1

From 4 years of age students can attend Pre-Primary where they learn set exercises from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus. From PrePrimary to Grade 1, students have the option of participating in RAD Awards. Further information on Awards and Exams can be found under RAD Exams.

Grade 1

On successfully completing Primary, students move into Grade 1. All grades from 1 to 8 include the study of classical ballet, free movement and character dancing from countries such as Hungary, Ukraine and Poland. Each child moves up to the next grade when they are physically and mentally ready which can take from 1 to 2 years depending on each individual.


Grade 2 to Grade 8

From Grade 2 upwards students are encouraged to take 2 ballet classes a week. This is to enable them to develop their potential in ballet and maintain a strong and healthy physique. Two classes a week are compulsory for any student who wishes to continue taking RAD exams as the physical and mental demands of ballet increase at this level. It is also necessary for any students who may eventually want to attempt pointe work. This is totally optional and students may continue with 1 class per week if they wish, and continue to take RAD awards.

Vocational Graded Students

Vocational Grades begin with Intermediate Foundation and are for those students who may have an interest in pursuing ballet as a career either as a performer or teacher, or have the passion and technical ability to pursue ballet further. Attendance at 3 classes per week is compulsory for any student who may wish to attempt the Vocational Exams. This is necessary to develop the required strength and stamina to dance at this level.