The Kinsella School of Ballet is a fully registered school with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), in London. All students are trained in the RAD syllabus which gives them opportunities to take RAD Examinations and Awards. RAD Examinations and Awards are encouraged in our Ballet School as it gives students a focus and a goal to work towards with a great sense of achievement when each Grade is successfully completed. Examinations and Awards are optional. However, the final decision on who participates in the Examinations and Awards is at the discretion of the Principal of the Ballet School. All exams and awards are assessed externally by one of the RAD’s panel of 200 examiners who are appointed, trained and monitored by the RAD and are selected from one of 25 countries around the world. Results for both Exams and Awards are sent to London Headquarters by each examiner and take approximately 2 months (after the Exam) to process before our school receives them.


RAD Awards

Candidates enter for the RAD Award in sets of 8 students and the class is conducted by the teacher. Candidates are assessed on a selection of the syllabus from the Grade and upon completion of an Award, receive a certificate of achievement and an Award medal. The option to take an Award is offered from PrePrimary upwards.   Preparation for the Award involves attendance at 10 additional classes alongside the regular class for 10 weeks before the Award date.


RAD Examinations

Candidates enter for the RAD exam in sets of 4 without a teacher present, and are assessed on all of the syllabus from the Grade, needing to achieve a grade of 40% or more to pass. In order to be fully prepared for a RAD exam, students must attend additional classes alongside their regular class in the period leading up to the exam date. Upon successful completion of the exam, students receive a certificate, report and medal and are graded in the following categories;

Pass: 40% to 54%, Bronze Medal

Pass with Merit: 55% to 74%, Silver Medal

Pass with Distinction: 75% to 100%, Gold Medal

The option to take an Exam is offered from Grade 2 up to Grade 8.  Any Students from these Grades who wish to attempt Exams must attend two classes per week regularly throughout the year and an additional ten classes in the weeks leading up to the Exams.

Vocational Grades

For those dedicated Students who complete the Grade 5 Exam and who have the technical ability to train in Vocational Grades, further Exams are optional. Students must attend at least three classes per week throughout the year if they wish to attempt Vocational Exams. This is necessary to acquire the technique and stamina which is crucial to succeed at these Exams.

Further information regarding the Exam process is given to every parent before an Exam session.